Ann Vanino
3 min readSep 5, 2021



Our skies have been quite gray in the last year and continue so. Few of us want to be beneath them forever. They can have a cumulative effect of bringing us down, if they stay too long.

We don’t have a lot of control over the nature of the sky. The pandemic, polarity and uncertainty have brought these overcast skies. The sun is hidden now. We miss the sun and the life we used to have. We sometimes feel closed in.

We can, however, endure. We may as well use these overcast skies while we have them. Perhaps we can find a way to thrive. What benefits do these overcast skies provide? They quiet us and we lessen our activity. We find our center more easily here than in the hustle of a sunny day. They provide space for us to rethink things and to access our imaginations and creativity.


There are many platitudes in our world today about having hope. Hope is essential, no contest there. However, we have to go forward, as well, with action and purpose. Many say that what we knew as the old normal is not coming back. Then, what are we to do?

Our task may be to find a new sun. That is, to create the future world we want to live in. There is incredible opportunity here, even amidst the chaos and challenges of this time. So, with hope in our beings, we can go forward to create the lives we want to live — in community, diversity and harmony. Even under overcast skies, this thought brightens our worlds a bit.


Perhaps these overcast skies are symbolic of a major transition that is occurring. All of the changes we are experiencing may be catalysts for creating a new world. It is an alchemy of factors, all leading to transformation. So, instead of sulking under overcast skies and bemoaning the sun’s absence, we can look around and figure out what we can do.

The nature of transition is unsteady. Change does not occur in predictable steps. It is dynamic and irregular. If we recognize that we are in transition, our paths become easier to handle. There is much that needs changing in our world. Negativity, polarity, separation and disharmony must give way to harmony, collaboration, love and community.

So, let’s recognize the transition that is occurring and make the most of it. What is good right now? What is bad? What do we need to thrive in this transition? Let’s come together, exiling the polarity we have created. Let’s allow ourselves to vison a new way of living together. Let’s start with our individual lives — manifesting our dreams and believing a new sun is possible.


A new sun lies behind our overcast skies. Our task is to uncover it. Creating a new sun may be a matter of dispelling the clouds by seeing and pursuing what is possible.

How can we dispel the clouds? First, we identify what has to go in our world. How can we let these things go? What do we have to do to come together and make this happen? It will not be easy, but with strong intention, purpose and love it can happen. Let’s come together and get started — in small groups or large. Our power lies in community.

How do we find this new sun? We define what we want and leave lots of space for what may turn up. We can both visualize and surrender to what is to come. Most of all, we must believe that a new sun is waiting for us.

photo: Dimitris Vetsikas, pixabay.com



Ann Vanino

Writer and career/new directions coach living in the High Mojave Desert of southern California. Author of Chrysalis: Personal Transformation From The Inside Out