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4 min readAug 11, 2021


I am not feeling much excitement or growth in my life right now, but that’s okay. With all that’s happened in the past year, I am not sure venturing out and giving my curiosity free reign is the best thing to do. Curiosity killed the cat, right?


Curiosity is a strong desire to know or learn something. Opposites of curiosity include disinterest, indifference and normality. The differences between curiosity and indifference are clear. How we choose impacts the nature of our lives and experiences in a big way.

If we cling to normality, we may think we are staying safe. For a while, that could be true. However, eventually the normality we are clinging to becomes stagnant. The world and our circumstances are moving on and we are staying in place. The safety we were going for is an illusion. Best to move on with the world. There are not many openings around when we cling to normality.

Indifference and disinterest keep us separate from others and the world around us. They slow us down. We stagnate. These attitudes don’t get us very far and they can end up consuming our happiness. They are more about negative emotions than safety. We are not encountering many openings, because we are incapable of seeing them.


Resisting change is futile. It is inevitable throughout our lives. A desire to know and learn allows us to accept change, even if it is uncomfortable or upsetting. Our sense of peace depends on our embracing change.

Curiosity requires an open mind. We can ask questions. We can actively seek knowledge and learning. We can surround ourselves with a diversity of people, experiences and places. We can pursue the interests we have and see where they lead us.

We can nurture curiosity as our ally. We are born with a sense of curiosity, but for some of us it is left undeveloped; often as a result of how we are raised. However, curiosity can always be rekindled. We can let go of fear or other impediments and give our curiosity and imagination free reign. Doing so is fun and we can still proceed with the sense of safety that we need.


How do we take advantage of openings and opportunities without exercising our curiosity? We don’t. When an opening appears, we have to check it out and see what it is about. We have to discern whether it is right for us. For each opening, an open mind and learning are essential for taking advantage of it.

Being a seeker allows for an interesting and stimulating life. Along with the many positives of seeking does come change, challenge and uncertainty. However, these things often diminish in contrast to the negatives of staying in place. The concept of the Hero’s Journey is that we are meant to be seekers and that is what leads us to fulfillment and being true to ourselves.

As seekers, we may live a life that is different from normality. This takes us away from society’s safety and security, but gives us many gifts in return. Seeking unlocks mysteries. It brings us to a wealth that is beyond physical possessions. It often brings us deep within in order to develop the courage and self-knowledge needed to be a seeker.


Let’s go wide now. Embracing curiosity can bring us all closer together to build a better world. We are in a time of crisis and deep transformation. Change is called for. Entrenched attitudes and powerful interests in the way things were, are fighting against this transformation. We are not going back to the past. It is gone. A new world must be created.

The more that individuals find their unique talents and gifts, the better world we can build. The more we open our minds to change, the better we will see the openings that lie before us. As we embrace our individuality, we are able to appreciate the individuality of others. It is in each of us bringing our unique gifts to the world that we will create the best transformation.

Curiosity is, in itself, an opening that awaits us. Let’s enter it and embrace our best visions for our world.

Curiosity is an opening before me. I see that when I clear away my fear. I am going to give it a try. Developing and exercising my curiosity may be the best thing I can do right now!

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