Ann Vanino
4 min readJul 25, 2021

Sometimes, nothing is happening in my exterior world. It is as quiet and placid as an unrippled body of water. At those times, I wonder if I should look below the surface of my everyday life for openings.


The outside world is often relentless in demanding our attention and, as a result, we do not focus on the rich world that lies within us. The world within us is quiet and waits for us. It is complex and no less important than our outer world. The world within offers us many openings. It is up to us to develop a relationship with our inner world and to find the openings that are abundant there.

To reach our inner world, stillness is required. Stillness is the absence of motion or sound. When we can reach stillness, it is a peaceful state. Our body, mind and spirit align. We are in touch with our whole selves. We are connected to our surroundings and the greater world, in a way that we cannot be when we are in motion.

Quiet openings appear when we are still. They reach a part of us that is integral in creating profound shifts. Motion can disrupt quiet openings. The mind or emotions can interfere with quiet openings, if they are not at peace. In stillness, we sense things we cannot otherwise. Stillness is a place of beauty that supports our finding quiet openings.


Going within is a treasure hunt. It takes time and reorienting to find the starting point. This involves learning what our interior landscape is - what we need to thrive in it and how to balance it with the outside world. Once we are comfortable with stillness and our world within, the treasure hunt begins.

The treasures we find within are rich. Going within, we access our intuition, sense energies that our five senses cannot, see our world in a different way and touch the deepest part of ourselves. There is a whole cosmos within us. That cosmos can lead us to new knowledge and insights, new perceptions and new ways of being in our outer world.

There is so much to explore within and so much that is waiting for us. Our society’s focus has not been balanced. We have looked outside ourselves to such a large degree that our life within is neglected. The quiet openings that lie within us are languishing from inattention. It is an adventure to pursue quiet openings within.


What are these quiet openings? They are insights from our own intuition, changes we feel from within, instincts for moving in a certain direction, emotions that guide us, connections we develop outside of the ordinary or answers we receive from meditation and prayer.

We live our lives in such a grounded manner that quiet openings often seem magical. Where did they come from? How did that happen? Can we be sure this is real? Yes, they are very real. We are so much more than our everyday actions and outer world. There is a rich and equal inner world to explore that is full of openings.

Quiet openings are found when we balance our minds and hearts. Our minds dominate our outer lives. Our minds alone cannot embrace quiet openings within. Our worlds within have their own rules, requiring all parts of us to be integrated and aligned.


We may know our inner world well and have already found quiet openings. Or, we may have hardly begun our explorations within. The pandemic has certainly sent us within. We have had a choice to stay outer-focused or to start exploring new worlds within. Staying outer-focused works in part; however it alone can lead us to fear and disorientation, if we never focus within.

Take a call to adventure and find your quiet openings. It is possible they are the most important ones for us to find now, as the world and we transform. Quiet openings have such potential in terms of where they can lead us. They are as quiet and as brilliant as the Cosmos. They can bring harmony and peace both within and without.

We can have fun finding quiet openings. They may be something new for us. They have their own unique power and nature. They are part of our existence and should not be ignored. Our quiet openings are as important as our outer ones. Embrace them and watch life expand in powerful ways.

These Quiet Openings are interesting. In my quiet moments I can wait for them to reveal themselves. I must be receptive and I am game!

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Ann Vanino

Writer and career/new directions coach living in the High Mojave Desert of southern California. Author of Chrysalis: Personal Transformation From The Inside Out